The Ceres mystery is still unresolved

Astronomers have been tackling the mysterious bright patches of the dwarf planet Ceres since last year. Sending a probe to it did not move NASA closer to explaining the problem. There have been many theories, but none has been confirmed.

In 2015, strange stain spots were discovered on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres. The Dawn probe sent to her was much more accurate in looking at this phenomenon, and it turned out that there were a lot more spots in addition to one large cluster of bright spots.

Many theories were created to explain their origin, but none was finally confirmed. The most popular is that these are pieces of ice that fell on Ceres with meteorites, but it overthrows the fact that the brightness of these spots changes randomly and in no way depends on the speed of rotation of the planet.

Probe instruments were used to investigate them more closely and found that they could become bright or dark during the day. This is the most intriguing astronomers, because they are not able to find a convincing explanation for this phenomenon.

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