Flying With A Toddler

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Chromebooks with 1 TB of space in Google Drive

The holiday shopping season is approaching, so Google has launched a completely new promotion encouraging Chromebooks to be purchased. Every consumer who decides to purchase this equipment, as a gift from the US corporation, will receive a free two-year subscription of up to 1 TB of space on the Google Drive network drive.

Chromebooks, due to their good technical specifications and affordability, are very popular. However, it is always possible to increase their attractiveness in the eyes of the consumer. Especially as holidays are coming, so this equipment can be a great Christmas gift.

Google has therefore decided to encourage the purchase of Chromebooks by enriching the offer with a free, two-year access to as much as 1TB of disk space on the Google Drive network drive.

It's a pretty good deal because its real value is as much as /i>240 if you count the price of the subscription for that period. While iCloud has shown that web drives are not particularly secure, it is always possible to encrypt the data stored on it.

Finish with scratches on the paint

Nobody likes scratches on car paint, smartphones, or any other object that's used. For now, it is impossible to avoid them, however, the invention of researchers at the University of Reading in the UK hopes that this will change drastically in the future.

Self-healing plastics are not uncommon today, they have been around for years, but their use on a wider scale is still very limited, because in order to work, certain conditions must be met. Fortunately, scientists are constantly working to improve these materials, and specialists at the University of Reading have succeeded in achieving this great success.

They created supramolecular polyurethane, which has surprising properties of self-renewal already activated at body temperature, ie 37 degrees Celsius. New material, when damaged, can fix its own bindings, and after some time, after the lacing on it, there is no trace. Moreover, apart from minor scratches, larger cracks are also repaired.

The new polymer is obviously non-toxic, so it can quickly find use in the medical industry, increasing the strength of the bandages, which will reduce the risk of wound infection caused by frequent dressing changes. It can also be used in surgical sutures, and when mixed with dyes, a self-healing dye will appear. Imagine a car that you will not have to drive to a paint shop after a small parking load.