SNUPI will protect our home from mold and flood

People who want to protect their home or apartment have a choice of many systems specifically designed for this purpose. The problem is that most of them are directed against burglars, while in our homes lurks a much more dangerous enemy, which is mold.

The SNAPI (Sensor Network Utilizing Powerline Infrastructure) system, developed by WallyHome, is specifically designed to monitor our home in humidity and air temperature and detect mold before it becomes a serious problem.

The system consists of a central unit and a number of sensors that can be placed under the sink, next to a refrigerator, and in other places where moisture may appear, and the manufacturer ensures that the sensor power supply should operate for at least 10 years.

The best thing about SNUPI is that all of these sensors can be monitored on-line through the web site or smartphone application, so when something goes wrong, we'll be notified.

Siri will board the new iPad

Siri finally slips out of the iPhone 4S and will soon also be equipped with another device from the Apple stable. During the WWDC conference, Scot Forstall announced that the assistant will be launching a new iPad with iOS 6.

That's not the end. Siri, who will be on board the new iPad is supposed to be much better than the version we know from the iPhone 4S. Through it you will be able to check match results (or individual player stats), make restaurant table reservations, and even ask what movies currently display local cinema (and see their trailers). What's more, if the iPhone holder is busy and will not be able to pick up the phone at the moment - at his request Siri will remind him to call back the number later. Quite useful