He trusted navigation on the iPad and was plagued by the container ship

The 34-year-old skipper David Carlin brutally learned how to trust the new technologies without limit. Driving solely on navigation directions on the iPad ended up sinking his historic boat.

It is often said that the driver, who over-trusted his navigation, ended up in complete desolation, or in a spectacular way destroyed his car by falling into the lake or down the stairs. It turns out that the same principle also applies to boats, which was very painfully convinced 34-year-old British David Carlin.

His 15-meter long wooden peg of Peggotts from World War II did not even have a compass, so when he traveled to Gothenburg he decided to use the iPad navigation. Unfortunately, it did not occur to him that far from terrestrial transmitters, tablet navigation software might not work well. As a result, he unconsciously influenced the busy communication route and was plagued by a huge transport.

Siri will board the new iPad

Siri finally slips out of the iPhone 4S and will soon also be equipped with another device from the Apple stable. During the WWDC conference, Scot Forstall announced that the assistant will be launching a new iPad with iOS 6.

That's not the end. Siri, who will be on board the new iPad is supposed to be much better than the version we know from the iPhone 4S. Through it you will be able to check match results (or individual player stats), make restaurant table reservations, and even ask what movies currently display local cinema (and see their trailers). What's more, if the iPhone holder is busy and will not be able to pick up the phone at the moment - at his request Siri will remind him to call back the number later. Quite useful