Yamaha presents new drones

Yamaha's Japanese company has unveiled two new models for commercial drones. Fazer R and Fazer R G2 are miniature helicopter-like devices designed for industry and agriculture.

Yamaha is best known for its excellent motorcycles and audio equipment, including amplifiers and pianos. However, the Japanese company in its offer has many other products and has just shown the latest of them. These are two new models of unmanned commercial vehicles, Fazer R and Fazer R F2.

The first of the new models is a model for agriculture. The device was designed to spray fields with pesticides to protect crops against the development of parasites. Dron on a single 24-liter fuel tank can spray four hectares of field, consuming 32 liters of herbicide.

The Fazer R is powered by a 2-cylinder engine, well known from other drones belonging to this family. Compared to other units, however, this was strengthened. Its power is 20.6 kW (the predecessor is 19.1 kW), and additionally increased the exhaust diameter and improved compression. This drona model will be available in November and will cost about $ 100,000.

The second model of the Fazer R G2 looks the same, but its purpose is slightly different. We do not find a herbicide tank in it, because this model was created to transport objects, take pictures and some other tasks. The device can move in autonomous mode, reaching a ceiling of 2800 m. Its range is 90 km, while the maximum lifting capacity is 35 kg.

Drones provide prison contract contraband

The UK authorities plan to create a special squad that will fight with drones. These machines are increasingly used to provide contraband to prisoners serving prison sentences in prison.

For many years, prisoners have used various ways to provide contraband to prisoners. The technology development that has taken place in recent years has made this task a lot easier. Now it is no longer necessary to combine how to bring phone or drug into the plant, as it can be done with the help of drones.

This procedure is growing year by year and it is hard to fight with it, because unmanned vehicles have enough lifting capacity to carry what they need and are small and relatively quiet so they are hard to notice. The British government considers this problem too serious to plan a special police department to handle it.

Specialists will not shoot smugglers, but focus on intelligence. They will then study the machines recovered from unsuccessful smuggling, trying to establish the identity of those involved in the smuggling.

It is worth to add that such actions were already carried out earlier, and in July last year, the British court first sentenced the citizen to smuggle contraband into jail. The man heard the sentence of 14 months of imprisonment. In October, another smuggler was sentenced to three years and four months' imprisonment after being caught near the Warrington jail, with a bag of drones and drugs. In December another smuggler was sentenced to four years and eight months for drug and telephone smuggling.

In short, the new branch will have a lot of work.