Samsung Galaxy S6 to debut in March already?

Samsung has not yet unveiled its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S6, but online sources suggest that its market launch may take place in late March. This is indicated by the manufacturer's holiday ban for employees.

Galaxy S6 is currently the most curious of consumers who would like to know what Samsung will offer them this time. It can not be denied that previous models of this family were not particularly delightful in both design and software. They had a shoddy plastic case and an overlay operating system that slowed down its operation.

In the case of the Galaxy S6, Samsung wants to cut off those models by using new materials and promising software made from scratch, hoping to convince consumers to buy a smartphone and deliver much better sales than its predecessor.

We still do not know when the new product will hit the market. However, it is possible to announce the ban on corporate employees' holidays, set for the period from 22 to 30 March. Usually it is introduced just before the appearance of a new product on the market, so this time it may be similar.

It is also interesting to see a second prohibition, which is scheduled to begin on April 19, but it is unclear what may be the case. Unofficially, it is said that the next date defines the date of launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge, but it is only speculation, as well may be a completely different product, such as the next generation of the Galaxy Note phablet.

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