Hasbro has patented a 3D child scanner

Hasbro, a well-known toy company, is following the spirit of the times and is supporting 3D printing technology that is great for toy production. The company has patented the design of a completely new 3D scanner, which with the help of smartphone allows to digitize various types of objects.

In the near future you do not have to go to the store to buy a baby toy. All you have to do is launch your 3D printer, download the right plan, and after a few minutes the toy will be ready.

Contrary to appearances, such a scenario is not as improbable as it might seem. Mattel recently introduced the first 3D printer developed specifically for children, and Hasbro has just introduced a 3D scanner, which with the help of a smartphone camera and special software, is able to digitize small items.

The device has a handle on which the smartphone is inserted, and then on a special stand is placed the toy the digital image we want to create. With the crank, the toy is rotated around its axis and at this time the smartphone captures its image. Photographs are then processed and produced from the digital model of the subject.

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