Facebook says war on offensive films

Facebook representatives have announced new ways to combat offensive videos posted on the portal. They will use artificial intelligence to help identify them more effectively.

Social media, especially the most popular, is full of posts, photos and videos. Most of them are quite normal, but there are also offensive materials deriding from someone's appearance, nationality, etc. Portals of course remove such materials and usually have their own algorithms that search for them, and they also help the users themselves, often reporting them.

Facebook, however, wants to streamline the process of getting rid of such content, and has announced the launch of a completely new and much more effective way to identify offensive videos that use artificial intelligence algorithms.

Joaquin Candela, director of the machine learning portal, explains that the new algorithm will detect nudity, violence, and all behaviors that are not in line with the portal's policies. When such material is discovered, videos will be flagged and qualified for review by Facebook employees.

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