Chromebooks with 1 TB of space in Google Drive

The holiday shopping season is approaching, so Google has launched a completely new promotion encouraging Chromebooks to be purchased. Every consumer who decides to purchase this equipment, as a gift from the US corporation, will receive a free two-year subscription of up to 1 TB of space on the Google Drive network drive.

Chromebooks, due to their good technical specifications and affordability, are very popular. However, it is always possible to increase their attractiveness in the eyes of the consumer. Especially as holidays are coming, so this equipment can be a great Christmas gift.

Google has therefore decided to encourage the purchase of Chromebooks by enriching the offer with a free, two-year access to as much as 1TB of disk space on the Google Drive network drive.

It's a pretty good deal because its real value is as much as /i>240 if you count the price of the subscription for that period. While iCloud has shown that web drives are not particularly secure, it is always possible to encrypt the data stored on it.

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